May 12, 2022

What is Instructional Design? Examples and online courses

Instructional Design Courses and Certificate Programs

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Foundations and Applications of Instructional Design (Coursera)

This is the first course in the two-course MasterTrack certificate offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is an excellent foray into the world of instructional design. Taught by Dr. Eunjung Grace, this four-week course takes students through the conceptual and theoretical background of instructional design. Because the audit is free, taking this introductory course is a good idea if you are considering enrolling in the full MasterTrack, as it will let you know what to expect and whether this particular program is the right choice for you. You can read a full review of this MasterTrack here.

Become an instructional designer (LinkedIn Learning)

This is a series of nine instructional design videos perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the field of instructional design and gain foundational knowledge without committing to a longer certificate program. Available through LinkedIn Learning with a $29.99/month subscription, it will guide you through the basics of instructional design, from storyboarding to evaluating your work, and covers learning design for learning environments. business and educational. When you complete the learning path, LinkedIn will provide you with a certificate of completion to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Introduction to Instructional Design: Creating Online Courses (Udemy)

This introductory course is a good choice for anyone interested in using instructional design to develop online courses. It is taught by an instructional designer, whose goal is to share everything he wanted to know when he was new to instructional design. Through video lectures and curated resources (including e-books and podcasts), this course guides you through the basics of instructional design theory and gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to a design project. online learning. This is a short, self-directed course, with only about an hour and a half of total video content, so it’s a quick way to understand the field or brush up on your knowledge of instructional design.

The IDOL Academy

IDOL (Instructional Design and Online Learning) is an instructional design agency that offers courses for people specifically interested in corporate instructional design. IDOL offers an eight-week academy to get you started for $1,497 at the basic level and $2,497 for additional features. The academy is incredibly comprehensive, teaching students skills in graphic design and animation alongside instructional design theory and online learning processes. By the end of the course, you will have built a comprehensive instructional design portfolio from scratch and be fully prepared to apply for instructional design jobs in the corporate world. It’s one of the best choices if you’re serious about starting a career in corporate instructional design, but don’t want to pay for a master’s degree.

Instructional design certificate in e-learning (Association for Talent Development)

This certificate program is for those who are not entirely new to instructional design and want to learn additional learning models for developing e-learning materials. This course is designed to be applicable to a range of instructional design applications, including human resource specialists and program designers. In this program, students are introduced to the Association for Talent Development’s e-learning design model and have the opportunity to practice and apply the model. This course costs $1,695 for non-ATD members.

Instructional Designer Certificate Program (Online Learning Consortium)

This certificate program, offered by the Online Learning Consortium, is the industry standard for those interested in working in online course development for schools and universities. The program is a series of four online courses, each taking students through a different aspect of e-learning design. The program is designed for people with some work experience in instructional design who want to build their skills. The program costs $2,000 for non-OLC members.

Instructional Design and Technology (edX)

This Instructional Design and Technology program is a series of four courses that will last approximately eight months. For $1,076.40, you will receive an edX MicroMasters certificate from the University System of Maryland, which is very reasonable for the amount of instruction you will receive. Designed for those who want to develop online learning, this program will guide you through learning theory and data analysis, while providing hands-on practice in developing and publishing online courses. The program combines instructional design with training in e-learning technology and will prepare you for a career in e-learning development.