September 21, 2022

The isolated village of Chhattisgarh named Bachawarpara will have its first school

The isolated village of Chhattisgarh named Bachawarpara will have its first school

Photo: iStock

In a one-of-a-kind move, the remote village of Bachawarpara in Balrampur district will now have a school, officials said on Friday.

The village was foreign to the concept of a school due to geographic challenges and its inaccessible remote location. However, now the educational institution would be set up in the area on the instructions of the District Magistrate.

Currently, the construction work has started, and the materials needed to build the school are being transported upstream by walking through a steep 8 km hill. What makes it even more difficult is that the distance to the rural area has a difficult and inaccessible wild pass.

“The village got permission to build a school years ago, but since it is located in a remote location, construction has been hampered. But now, building materials have been transported to the village through the mountains. We will try to complete the construction in 2 months,” District Magistrate, Vijay Dayaram K told ANI.

About 40 children in the area have studied in a mud house so far and the district administration’s quick response to the villagers’ request will help establish a formal school culture in the area.

Sarpanch village said that the request for a new school building was made in Bachwar Para and now the village will finally have a school building.

“The village will finally have a school building for which the collector took the initiative. The school children will have a concrete building and now they will get rid of the earthen house,” said Sarpanch Babita Khalkho