September 21, 2022

Survey finds teachers spend 7 hours a week looking for teaching materials Education World

It’s no surprise that teachers have to spend some of their time doing more than strictly teaching.

However, new research indicates that teachers are spending far more time than expected researching appropriate teaching materials to accompany their lessons.

Not to mention, according to research, teachers spend an extra 5 hours a week creating their own teaching materials.

“Teachers spend 7 hours a week researching educational resources (free and paid) and an additional 5 hours a week creating their own educational materials,” says a new 82-page report by Marci Goldberg of K-12 Market Advisors.

Overall, Goldberg’s report indicates that most of the teaching materials used by teachers in their classrooms come from them (66%), not from their school (51%).

Teaching has increasingly gained a reputation as one of the most stressful and underpaid professions in the United States; In addition to this new research which indicates that teachers spend a great deal of their personal time bundling resources, it is also well known that teachers also spend money out of pocket on supplies.

The most recent data suggests that the average teacher spends around $500 each school year to purchase necessary school supplies, in low-income areas this amount can be even higher if parents are unable to contribute.

Goldberg’s report states that in total, teachers collectively spend “about $1.75 billion each year on instructional materials and school supplies from school-provided classroom budgets or disbursed funds.”

Professionals hope that things like open educational resources (OER) will serve as solutions to this growing problem.

OERs are open-access, free-licensed materials that can be easily implemented in any classroom, as the resources cover nearly all curriculum standards.

The Goldberg K-12 Market Advisors report is available to order here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education Contributor


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