November 30, 2022

South Heart School District #9 South Hea – The Dickinson Press

South Heart School District #9 Regular Meeting of the South Heart School Board, March 9, 2022 The regular meeting of the South Heart School Board has been called by Pres. Ewoniuk in Class 401 at 7:00 p.m. All members present, as well as Supt. Dean, Prin. Geis, AD Ronnie Stewart and Business Manager, Kristine Mehrer. Guests: Kristen Kuntz, Jana Schweigert, Jerica Smith, Keisha Sparks, Bryce Wigert. Jacobson moves, seconded by Kudrna, to approve the agenda with addition. All in favour; motion carried. Main Jung recognized Ms. Reinhiller and the We The People contestants. Main Geis recognized 3 students who placed in the top ten at the Stark County Spelling Bee. Moved by Meduna, seconded by Eberts, to approve the February 9, 2022 minutes. All in favour; motion carried. Kudrna moved, seconded by Jacobson, to approve March 2022 invoices and payroll and February 2022 financial reports. All in favour; motion carried. Supt. The Dean reviewed the staff report: Resignation: Tina Binstock as Elementary Paraprofessional. Grade 22-23 Jobs: 3rd Grade Teacher (pending), Elementary Music Teacher (pending), 7-12 Agricultural Education Teacher/FFA Counselor (pending), commercial education from 7 to 12 years. Supt. Dean reviewed K-12 Enrollment Report = 371. Mr. Stewart reviewed AD Report: Anacrusis Choir sang the National Anthem at regional basketball tournaments, 4 students from the choir attended “Class B at BSC”: Region 10 music festivals are held in March and April, several speech students have qualified for the state, FFA participants have placed in the competitions of agricultural and agronomy sales. The girls’ and boys’ basketball seasons ended and spring sports began in March. Main Geis reported: State assessment beginning March 14, report cards going home March 14, Belfield American Legion Auxiliary Unit 44 and American Legion Post 144 sponsored the cost of milk at snack break for each student in the kindergarten to fourth grade for 8 days. Main Jung reported: Senior High Acalympics March 11 and Junior High Acalympics April 4, North Dakota State evaluation from March, ACT test held March 8, finalizing 2022-23 schedule . Supt. Dean reported: Changes to Intermediate Ratings, NDSA and ACT, NDESC will not complete its procurement process for 22-23, therefore we will continue to use SYSCO for food procurement. Jacobson moved, seconded by Eberts to approve the hiring: Maleah Schmeling for 3rd grade, Jerica Ridl as elementary music teacher, and Claire Alderman as 7-12 agricultural education teacher/FFA counselor. All in favour, motion carried. Kudrna moved, seconded by Meduna, to endorse the South Heart Education Association (SHEA) petition and determine the issue of representation for future negotiations. All in favour; motion carried. Jacobson moved, seconded by Eberts, to approve tuition waivers for a child of Nicole Fisher graduating from Dickinson. All in favour; motion carried. Kudrna moved, seconded by Eberts, to approve open applications for: 1 child of Karalee Anderson (from Belfield; 1 child from Dusty Tescher (from Beach); 1 child from Taura Schantz, 1 child from Marreysa Netzer, 1 child of Karolina Lym, 1 child of Gretchen Falcon, 1 child of Dacotah Krushevsky, 1 child of Breanna Clanton, 1 child of Savannah Stringer, 3 children of Emily Gale, 2 children of Ryan Anderson, 1 child of John Cloutier, 1 child of Jeanine Schmidt, 1 child of Tawnel Blore, 1 child of Michelle Clonce and 1 child of Trisha Kelly (all of Dickinson) and to refuse open registration requests for 1 child of John Cloutier, 1 child of Molly Schwartz, 1 child of Regan Dobyns, 2 children of Lindsey Danbom, 1 child of Cammy Pattee, 1 child of Kaycee VanDoorn (all of Dickinson) All in favour; motion carried Jacobson moved, second by Kudrna at Superintendent Deans evaluation with notes satisfactory in all areas. eur Motion Passed Meduna Reports: RACTC Hired New Director Jacobson moved, seconded by Eberts, to dissolve open enrollment for a child of Marissa Chavez (Dickinson). All in favour; motion carried. Supt. Dean reviewed the upcoming events. Kudrna moved, seconded by Jacobson, to adjourn at 8:05 p.m. All in favour; motion passed. _____________________________ Sarah Ewoniuk, President _____________________________ Kristine Mehrer, Commercial Director Vendor Name, Vendor Description, Fund Amount: 01 GENERAL FUND 4N6 FANATICS 150.00 ACME TOOLS – BISMARCK 14.85 ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 179.88 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS 2,096, 60 AIRGAS USA, LLC 106.04 AMAZON 903 Barnes & 51.12 Barnes & Noble 25.58 Bismarck Tribune, The 37.20 Cashwise 37.96 Cell Doctor Pro, LLC 145.00 CEnex Expressway C-Store Foundation 44.26 City of South Heart 1,213.39 Close Up Foundation 21,898.25 COLE PAPERS INC 1,248.00 Consolidated Telcome 351.23 Country Inc 1,248.00 Consolidated Telcome 351.23 Country Papers Inc 1,248.00 Consolidated TelcoM 351.23 Country Inc and BISM combinations 750.96 CREATIVE ENERGY – BELFIELD 66.15 CREATIVE ENERGY – SUD COEUR 108.83 D & E Supply Co., Inc. 2,369.17 DAKOTA DUST-TEX, iNC 169.00 DELVO, LINDSEY 67.06 Eckroth MUSIC 21.00 EDUTECH 20.00 ELKAY 306.02 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPAN Y 1,093.41 HAZEN HIGH SCHOOL 105.00 HEART COUNTRY LLC 937.68 HELEY, CALISTA 55.00 INJURED, FRANK 9,367.16 CONFERENCE I-94 150.00 JW Pepper & Son Inc 37.09 John Deere Finanacial 142.42 Jostens 189.50 Koppinger, Ken 22,331. Kubas, Del 7,039.22 Kudrna Bus Service, LLC 9,928.40 Livestock 200.00 LOGO MAGIC, INC. 22.00 MANDON HIGH INSCORDA & Security, Inc 790.00 Montana Dakota Utilities 9,721.05 Distance Education Center 7,791.00 NDCEL 110.00 Network Services Co 35.56 North Dakota General Dakota 30.00 Pavlish, Landon 140.00 Polensky, Jessi 137.25 Radio Billing 292.00 Robert’s Floral 117.65 Sanford Health Clinic 90.00.00 Robert’s Floral 117.65 Sanford Health LLC 3,148.58 Secretary of State 10.00 Sleep Inn and Suites Bismarck 259.20 South Heart School Activity Fu 60.00 Stein’s Inc 4,821.10 Subway Bismarck Stores2.2915 Target Stores25TSCHO 225 TEE BAR & GRILL 1,283.67 116.43 Time Management Systems 302.40 WEST RIVER STUDENT SERVICES 3,960.00 Fund 01 Total: 107,891.69 Fund: 05 FOOD SERVICE FUND CAPITAL CITY RESTAURANT SUPPLY 102.71 D&E Supply Co , Inc. 113.08 DEPT. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 1,069.01 ESJD-BISMARCK 2,134.41 NISTLER, MARY 54.28 SCHOOL NUTRITION ASSOC. 48.75 South 40 Beef 770.89 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 17,710.61 Fund 05 Total: 22,003.74 Fund: 06 Student Activity Fund Arthaud, Lynn 3,149.34 Beck, Jefferson 167.00 Beck, Jenna 300.00 Bowman County 4H 97.00 Braun Distributing 931.94 BSNSPORT , llc 1,527.111 Dunn, Kari 100.00 Ewoniuk, Sarah 175.00 Champs, Reginald 122.50 Four Seasons Trophies 189.97 Fritz, Shannon 150.00 Fundraiser Smoker 3,863.40 Group Travel Planners 6,000.00 Haverluk, Josiah 54.78 HELEY, CALISTA 290.25 HETTINTER FFA BOOSTER0.00 JOSTES 57.1 Kuntz, Kristen 70.00 Lefor, Deana 105.00 Logo Magic, inc .1172.00 Mercer County 4-H Council 110.00 Mikkelsen, Beth 50.00 Network Services Co 91.72 Northern Botling Company 669.90 Pierson , Wade 56.20 Privratsky, LELANI 153.99 SCHWEIGERT, JANA 70.00 Skabo 134.20 South HEART HOT LUNCH FUND 22.39 SOUTH HEART SCHOOL DISTRICT 22,393.90 STEWART, RONNIE 100.00 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 231.05 TRINITY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS 231.030 WAGNET , JARRED 35.00 WALBY, JACQUELINE 35.00 Fund 06 Total: 47,299.04 (April 27, 2022) 55952