June 22, 2022

Sacramento City Council, District 1: Breaking Down Who’s Running

The four candidates vying for votes for the Sacramento City Council, District 1, are Robert Alvis, Lisa Kaplan, Alyssa Lozano and Nate Pelczar.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Four candidates are vying for Sacramento City Council, District 1in the primary election June 7.

Councilor Angelique Ashby, who is vice-mayor, is not seeking re-election after holding the post for 12 years. Instead, Ashby joins the race for the California State Senate.

In the Greater Sacramento Area, District 1 continues to grow population, increasing from 55,141 in 2010 to 69,450 in 2020. This is a change of 25.9%, making District 1 the fastest growing area. District 1 doesn’t just represent Natomas. It also hosts more communities, including neighborhoods west of Robla, due to the slight change in redistricting.

The fourth candidates vying for votes in District 1 include:

  • Robert Alvis
  • Lisa Kaplan
  • Alyssa Lozano
  • Nate Pelczar

Who is Lisa Kaplan?

Lisa Kaplan is a PTA mom, small business owner, education advocate, Girl Scout leader, “Walk to School” volunteer, and Natomas Unified School District board member for 20 years. She has lived in Sacramento for 25 years.

For Kaplan, the main issues are housing, homelessness, public safety and economic recovery. If elected, Kaplan wants to fight “to ensure the prosperity of our city and our schools, to strengthen community policing, to invest in small businesses, to partner with schools to increase after-school opportunities, to expand the affordability of the housing and work with all levels of government and community partners to address homelessness.”

“I’m running for Sacramento City Council, District 1, because I love our city,” Kaplan said. “I love Natomas and Robla. But Sacramento hasn’t had it easy lately, from COVID to distance learning, struggling businesses and unaffordable housing. The real big thing we need to All we can do is tackle the homeless. It’s heartbreaking, but I think we need more help from the state. I like bringing people together to solve complex problems.

Kaplan for the Sacramento City Council. let’s get to work

Here we are! Today I am announcing my candidacy for Sacramento City Council, District 1. After 20 years as your representative on the Natomas School Board of Trustees, I want to thank you all for working with me to have the best schools and resources for our children. Now I want to ask for your vote to put my experience and ability to listen and then take decisive action to get things done for our community. I am running to represent you on the Sacramento City Council because I can help our city recover and thrive. I hope to win your support in the June 7 elections. Let’s get to work! Lisa. Kaplan4council.com #leadership #experience #results #LetsGetToWork

posted by Lisa Kaplan, candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 1 Thursday, January 13, 2022

Who is Nate Pelczar?

Nate Pelczar is an expert in government accountability and finance. He has provided strategic consulting and auditing services to government and private organizations. Pelczar also has experience in project management and budgeting. He currently helps run an environmental nonprofit, the California Product Stewardship Council, and leads several other nonprofits in the Greater Sacramento area.

Pelczar has lived in Natomas since 2009. He wants the open seat on city council to “invest in our parks, schools, and libraries, make sure we complete our levees, and champion a jobs corridor along I-5.” For Pelczar, the top three priorities include building housing and helping the homeless, safety and security, and continuing Ashby’s “legacy.”

“What I love most about District 1 is the diversity,” Pelczar said. “It’s a wonderful, tight-knit community. Sacramento has very serious issues and each one impacts 1 Districts. The biggest issue is public safety. There needs to be a stronger police presence, more community policing and more communication between neighborhood watch groups and the gendarmerie.”

Who is Alyssa Lozano?

Alyssa Lozano is a mom, small business owner, president of the Natomas Chamber of Commerce, and local real estate agent with over 20 years of experience. She was born and raised in Natomas, being part of the community for over 40 years. Lozano says she learned the value of hard work and giving back to communities from her parents. Her mother owned 8th Street Taco House and her father was a police officer for 30 years.

Lozano is running for Sacramento City Council, District 1, with the campaign slogan “From Natomas. For Natomas”. If elected, Lozano plans to fight rising homelessness, crime, affordable housing for new families and job creation.

“I’m not a politician,” Lozano said. “It’s not a political stepping stone for me. I want to do what’s right for our communities. I know firsthand what the needs of our communities are, being from the area. Home ownership is so important “We also need to have smart growth. We need a full audit of our budget. We need to know where the allocated funds are. It’s really about looking at the big picture.

Hello, I’m Alyssa Lozano. I hope to win your vote! I am not a politician, and this is not a political springboard for me! I really care about the direction our community is taking. I hope to win your vote! #VOTEFORLOZANO #alyssalozanoforcitycouncil

posted by Alyssa Lozano For City Council, District 1 Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Who is Robert Alvis?

Robert Alvis is a small business owner and managing director of the historic peak theater in downtown Sacramento. He was born and raised in Sacramento. Before living in Natomas for a year, Alvis lived downtown. He attended California State University, Sacramento, majoring in journalism. Before becoming a small business owner, Alvis worked at the Sacramento Bee, an exotic animal rescue organization, a before and after school program, and Harlow’s downtown for 15 years.

Even though Alvis has no political background, Alvis wants to “become a public servant who will always put the taxpayers first.” Outside of housing, homelessness and safety, he says the number one issue is “why people aren’t coming downtown.”

“If people are happy with what’s going on in the city, I’m probably not their candidate,” Alvis said. “I see a lot of issues that are not being dealt with by the city council as they should be. We still have a lot of empty storefronts. Unfortunately, we have a lot of open anarchy in the streets. We have to clean up. We have to make sure that the people feel safe coming downtown and we need to open more places.

What happens afterwards?

In the primary elections, the top two candidates will advance to the general election in November, unless one candidate wins more than 50% of the vote.

For more information on the California primary elections, visit the official website website of the California Secretary of State. You can also learn more about the candidates running for Sacramento City Council, District 1, on the city’s official website. website.