August 3, 2022

Open Schools – Huawei United Kingdom

What are Open Schools


Since its onset two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education systems globally, hitting the most vulnerable learners the hardest. It has increased inequality and exacerbated a pre-existing education crisis. School closures range from no closures in a handful of countries to more than a full school year. Lack of connectivity and devices has prevented at least a third of students from continuing their remote learning.


Building crisis-resilient school systems in low-resource countries that ensure continuity and quality of learning is particularly important.

The solution

UNESCO is supporting Ministries of Education and other partners in Egypt, Ethiopia and Ghana to implement a three-year project (2020-2023) to design, test and develop open school systems based on technology. This project, developed under the UNESCO-Huawei Funds-in-Trust, aims to build crisis-resilient school systems through technology that will make the school education curriculum comprehensive (knowledge learning, teacher-student interaction and taking in social care). ) accessible from schools, at home and in other places, to ensure continuity and quality of learning, regardless of normal or crisis situations.

The project aims to bring countries to realize the following vision: schools in low-resource countries can be transformed into technology-enabled open schools and provide inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. of life. It will empower and support countries to redesign and build the next generation of digital schools and digital learners. School systems could thus ensure the continuity and quality of learning for all learners in the face of future pandemics and global crisis situations.