June 22, 2022

One City Schools announces 4-day work week for all teaching staff in 2022-2023

A city school (photo by David Dahmer)

All teaching staff at One City schools will begin working a four-day work week when school begins on September 1, One City announced Friday. This includes all teachers, assistant teachers and student support staff who work directly with One City’s young scholars at its public charter elementary school and the new public charter secondary school for grades 6-12 that will open. this fall with classes 6, 9 and 10.

“Our principal, Devon Davis, offered me a four-day work week while we discussed ways to help our educators overcome the new levels of burnout brought on by the pandemic,” Kaleem Caire said. , One City CEO and Founder, in a statement. “We also discussed other strategies that could help us keep our educators fresh and energized as they work to help our scholars overcome significant learning losses, pandemic-influenced trauma, and long-standing gaps. in terms of achievements and opportunities that preceded the pandemic.

“Given the amount of mental and physical energy educators have to expend to help our children catch up and move forward, and to give them an extra day to breathe and take care of themselves and their families, a four-day workweek made a lot of sense,” he added.

A town has decided to switch to a four-day workweek to keep its teaching staff fresh, according to a school press release, as they work to help young people overcome the dramatic learning losses of the pandemic era while simultaneously working to prepare young academics for a rigorous, inspiring and engaging college and career readiness program when they reach high school.

One City Preschool, located on the south side of Madison, will also pilot a four-day workweek this summer as well. All three schools in One City will continue to be open to students Monday through Friday, five days a week.