September 21, 2022

NSW pledges to support unique new nursery schools

Preschoolers in the town of Carinda, in the far north west of New South Wales, will be the latest to benefit from a renewed commitment to a virtual distance learning program model that combines online learning and face-to-face teaching from the NSW Government.

For many, this will be the first time they have had the chance to attend kindergarten in person. Instead of traditionally staying at home, enrolled children will be able to attend a space at Carinda Public School for up to three days a week (600 hours a year) to participate in both face-to-face learning based on the game and online provided by Dubbo Distance Learning School.

Lisa Alonso Love, Deputy Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, said this unique and flexible approach especially supports children and families who cannot engage in traditional distance learning due to lack of internet access, limited parental literacy and financial hardship .

“Just over a quarter of four- and five-year-old preschoolers in NSW come from regional, remote and rural areas,” Ms Alonso Love said.

“Life-saving programs like this will help close the educational divide between these children and their metropolitan counterparts and ensure they arrive at school equipped with the social, cognitive and emotional skills they need to engage. in learning.”

Three satellite preschools are already operating in the remote towns of Ivanhoe, Louth and Hermidale. The flexible program also funds an in-center kindergarten in Pooncarie.

“Flexible learning programs are part of the Rural and Remote Education Strategy the Ministry of Education created to ensure that all children in rural and remote areas communities have access to quality pre-school education in the preceding year school,” Ms Alonso Love explained.

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