August 3, 2022

NPRC Waives Institutional Fees for University Courses | News, Sports, Jobs

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College students can say goodbye to institutional fees for the next two years.

The NPRC announced on Friday that it was suspending institutional fees for university courses for two years.

Institutional fees are charged in addition to tuition fees. The amount is based on the number of credits a student takes, according to the release.

Most students were charged an institutional fee of $18 per credit up to five. There had been a fixed institutional fee of $100 for six or more credits.

“Starting fall 2022, students will not be charged institutional fees for college courses on their student bill,” according to the press release. “While the two-year suspension of institutional fees is the latest way the NPRC is helping students save on their education, it’s not the only way.”

“Over 50% of the textbooks used in our courses are free for students”, according to the press release. “Lab and distance learning kits have also been provided by the college for various classes to help students combat associated education costs.”

There are other changes along the way.

“This fall, we will be offering morning classes for the first time in our history in select locations to help students who may work evenings or have children in school during the day,” according to the press release. “This change provides more flexibility and will allow more students to take classes at times that align with the day-to-day commitments they have as caregivers or professionals.”

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