September 21, 2022

MNLU Nagpur, WIPO-India Summer School, Intellectual Property

The Center for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) is one of the University’s Centers for Advanced Legal Research which intends to promote Human, Social and Commercial values ​​through exclusive socio-legal research in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Intellectual property. IPR is an evolving field. IPRs encourage creativity and disclosure of information and play an important role in encouraging innovations in the form of product/process development leading to technical progress. Therefore, knowledge of IPRs becomes essential in all fields. Effective intellectual property (IP) protection has been a critical factor; however, academia is doing some serious catching up to raise awareness about intellectual property.


The University is proud to have the DPIIT-CHAIR on Intellectual Property Rights established by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. DPIIT-IPR CHAIR The IPR Pedagogy and Research Program for Holistic Education and Academia (SPRIHA) was launched in 2016 by the Department of Promotion of Industries and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The IPR Chair has been established under the program in some Indian universities and MNLU, Nagpur is proud to be one of them. The Chair was established to fulfill one of the objectives of the Government of India’s National Intellectual Property Policy which was to “strengthen Chairs of Intellectual Property in tertiary institutions to provide quality teaching and research to develop the teaching ability and curricula and evaluate their work on performance “criteria-based criteria”.


The WIPO Academy, RGNIIPM Nagpur and Maharashtra National Law University Nagpur will host the WIPO-INDIA Online Training Program in India. This training program offers an opportunity for professionals and students to acquire a deeper knowledge of intellectual property. The program includes lectures, case studies, exercises and group discussions, etc.

Basic information


The summer school is open to a limited number of participants,

· Students (pursuing graduate and/or postgraduate studies or other additional qualification) OR

· Young professionals from any field of study or discipline.

Candidates must have successfully completed the free General WIPO Distance Learning Course on Intellectual Property (DL101) – special free DL course available at:


Exceptions for DL101 may be granted for those

who have completed the IPR topic during their studies


who have completed IPR course from RGNIIPM Nagpur and need to upload proof/certificate for the same from the Institute (while applying this online course)

Places are limited, register as soon as possible.

Registration procedure and documents to download when applying online:

Go to a website apply online with the following documents.

Letter of motivation for the summer school (reason for applying and what is expected from the summer school – 300 words maximum)

· Recent Curriculum Vitae / CV

Identification documents such as passport or national identity documents

Exceptions document as mentioned above OR DL101 Course Certificate (Free distance learning of WIPO DL101 online course from website )

Registration Fee: The registration fee will be payable upon notification of acceptance by WIPO as follows:-



Young professionals

For developing countries and countries in transition and residing in these countries according to WIPO



For developed countries according to WIPO




· General-

· Content and structure-

For more details and online enrollment careers for WIPO training, contact or write to:-

[email protected] (+91) 9922453057 OR (+91) 0712-2540920 OR (+91) 0712-2540916