August 3, 2022

Letter: A letter to parents and grandparents – InForum

Why should you spend valuable energy, time, and resources monitoring your children’s school curriculum and what’s going on in your child’s classroom?

You, the parents, are the ones who elect the school board, with the power to represent you within the school system, including the superintendent, principal, teachers and program.

You, the parents, pay the taxes that provide the income that supports the school system.

You, the parent, should have a say in what happens in your children’s classroom.

Recent North Dakota test results showed the impact of remote learning and the pandemic, with more students falling below grade level than ever before.

It could be argued that educators have expertise in curriculum delivery and child development. Educators have at least a bachelor’s degree in education, many have a master’s degree and 1% have a doctorate.

But does their training make them experts on race, gender, or social issues?

Children accept their environment very well. They don’t care about the color of the skin, where the children live or their disabilities. They just want to get along with their playmates and classmates, in harmony.

Unlike the promotion of peaceful relations,

critical race theory

labels children as oppressors and oppressed or marginalized. How does applying labels to young children help teach their children how to treat each other? How does introducing guilt and resentment help get along in the world?

Critical gender theory promotes gender confusion in pre-pubescent children. The theory supports 47 different gender designations, helps children choose their preferred pronouns, and supports the transition from birth to preferred gender in children who are too young to make these life-changing decisions.

Critical gender education asks boys as young as 5 if they like girls or boys. Until puberty, boys are generally not interested in girls and prefer their boy friends. It is inadmissible to consider this as a sign of trans behavior, it is physiologically and psychologically normal. Just as it is normal for girls to be “tomboys” until puberty.

Bill Maher recently said that if “we let 8-year-olds decide what they want to be when they grow up, we’d have a lot of firefighters and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate, luckily no one took me seriously and signed me up to have my eye removed or peg leg surgery.

Kari Cutting lives in Beulah, North Dakota

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