June 22, 2022

Lacson: A Tribute to Secretary Briones

THE one thing we can’t control is how fast time seems to pass. Six years passed like it was yesterday when we welcomed Secretary Leonor Briones to the Department of Education. As bittersweet as it may be, we choose to look on the bright side of everything and celebrate the triumphs and victories that we, as a department, have achieved through the passionate and unwavering leadership of Secretary Leonor Briones. She has been the powerful driving force for all DepEd staff, from National EXECOM and MANCOM members to our teachers and other school staff.

His immeasurable determination, selfless commitment and sincere concern and love for our learners and teachers is what we can consider “one for the books”. Secretary Liling was the mother of our department and her leadership style focused not only on addressing current issues and concerns, but her foresight and keen interest in the future of education is what keeps us going. inspired to always serve with passion, competence, responsibility and transparency. .

Under the governance of SLMB, DepEd Region III has remained mindful of the current administration’s goal of expanding access to basic education, improving quality and relevance, and modernizing management and governance. education. With this, DepEd Central Luzon has aligned its programs, projects and activities with the vision of the President of our country and also with that of our DepEd Secretary for the past 6 years.

Midway through the secretary’s tenure, DepEd launched the Sulong EduKalidad education reform program in 2019. The said program manifests its commitment to providing quality education as well as addressing the challenges of basic education.

DepEd Region III has streamlined its strategic directions within the Department’s Sulong EduKalidad framework reflecting the region’s aspiration to deliver quality education and overcoming basic education challenges with its quadrants representing the 4 key pillars of reform (KITE). This was also the path followed with the crucial adjustments made within the framework of the BE-LCOP.

To achieve the goal of expanding access to basic education, DepEd Region III worked to expand coverage of inclusive programs, expand access to secondary education, and improve partnerships and linkages. To help improve quality and relevance, DepEd Region III has maintained ideal ratios of basic education inputs, improved the quality of teachers, expanded the use of technology for learning, and enriched curricula to address cross-cutting issues and fostering critical thinking towards the liberation of basic education.

To modernize education management and governance, DepEd Region III institutionalized the quality management system, automated basic systems and processes (e-governance), improved the procurement and financing process, accelerated the research and development that led to evidence-based policies and implementation guidelines, and improved Human Resource Development.

DepEd Central Luzon has also identified strategies over the past 6 years that would enable not only teaching, teaching and non-teaching staff, but more so school leaders to focus on instructional leadership and process teaching and learning with the use of appropriate learning modalities, including multiple distance learning modalities to improve student outcomes in light of the pandemic.

Furthermore, in line with the government’s call to ensure access to quality education for all, DepEd Region III has made sure to also support the most vulnerable students and the most complex learners in schools with strategies focused on inclusiveness and diversity.

These achievements of the past six years under your effective and inspiring leadership, Madam Secretary, not only testify to the united and consistent efforts of all our leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff, but testify to our passion and commitment to fulfilling our mission. . mandate for the benefit of all our young learners here in Region III.