May 12, 2022

Instructional Design Consulting | UIC today

The Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence knows that while our students are back on campus, many of our meetings are still online, and we understand that some conversations work best in person. If you are back on campus and would like to speak with an instructional designer in person, we can accommodate that request.

CATE now offers in-person instructional design consultations on the east side of campus, either in a University Hall meeting space or in a classroom. This in-person service is in addition to our current online consultation services. Upon request, we also offer online or on-campus group consultations for your department or college. Whether you want to take your courses online or want to practice using technology in the classroom, please consider scheduling a consultation with CATE’s instructional designers at the link below or by emailing [email protected] .edu to host a group meeting for your department or college. .

Whether you’re looking for online or in-class support, CATE instructional designers can help:

  • Design teaching materials and courses.
  • Improve student engagement and learning in your course.
  • Leverage technology to enhance learning activities.
  • Implement an effective synchronous or asynchronous online pedagogy.
  • Introduce innovative pedagogical approaches in face-to-face and hybrid classes.
  • Solve educational challenges with Blackboard and other educational technology tools.

CATE’s instructional designers have the experience to help you identify opportunities to improve your students’ skills and academic outcomes using instructional research, evidence-based teaching strategies, and promising instructional practices on field. We can help you create student-centered learning experiences with accessibility, equity, and inclusion in mind.

Schedule a consultation

If you have any questions regarding instructional design, course redesign, or an instructional technology tool, request an appointment with one of CATE’s instructional designers.

More information can be found on the Instructional design page from the CATE website.

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