May 12, 2022

inquireED provides advice on choosing social studies teaching materials

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–inquirED, the innovative developer of inquiry-based social studies curriculum, has released a social studies curriculum review guide that schools and districts can use when evaluating curriculum materials.

Schools and districts across the country are rebuilding their social studies programs after years of neglect. They have come to understand that a strong K-12 social studies curriculum is central to their mission to help students become active and informed participants in our democracy.

But as educational leaders seek to develop or purchase a curriculum, they find little or no guidance on what constitutes an effective social studies curriculum or what criteria define high-quality instructional materials.

The inquireED Curriculum Review Guide includes five rubrics that can be used to assess the essential components of a social studies curriculum: Inquiry-Based Instruction; culturally appropriate education; standards-based teaching and assessment; Diverse and high quality sources; and learner supports and continuing professional development.

In conjunction with the Curriculum Review Guide, inquirED offers a free webinar series called “Searching for Social Studies,” examining the need for high-quality educational materials and how schools and districts seek them.

About Us

inquirED develops research-based, standards-aligned social studies curricula and educational resources that help students develop foundational knowledge and skills for the future. Its programs are used by schools and districts across the United States and include a year-long elementary social studies curriculum for students as well as professional development to help teachers and districts transition into social studies. investigation-based.