June 22, 2022

Improving teaching resources to enhance the teacher experience

Tyton Partners

BOSTON, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new report from Tyton Partners finds that K-12 teachers who have instructional resources they find useful — and enough support to use those resources — have higher job satisfaction, and highlights how developers can improve materials and training to drive effective adoption.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, one in six K-12 teachers said they were likely to leave the profession. During the pandemic, that number rose to one in four.1

While many factors influence teachers’ experience and success in the classroom, Tyton Partners recently conducted an in-depth analysis focusing specifically on the use and importance of one key ingredient: teaching resources. Having access to easy-to-use, high-quality resources is essential. However, to date there has been little public research on teachers’ experience with these resources and how to improve it.

What Tyton Partners discovered was significant. From the perspective of teachers, even some of the most popular materials can be difficult to use and don’t always address teachers’ key issues. Additionally, educators rarely receive the solid training and support needed to effectively use the materials and understand the richness of what the tools offer. As a result, teachers often ignore materials that don’t work and instead find workarounds or purchase alternatives, sometimes with their own funds.

However, Analysis by Tyton Partners found that teachers who have standards-aligned materials they find useful – and sufficient support to use these materials – are more satisfied at work. The company has also identified a series of actionable steps that can improve educational resources and drive their adoption and effective use by educators.

Three main themes emerged:

  1. Professional development, training and supplier support often do not work well. From a teacher’s perspective, there needs to be training available well beyond the first few weeks following the introduction of the materials, and offerings tailored to the individual needs of schools and districts. This requires collaboration between schools, districts and providers, as well as appropriate resources from all sides; we must redouble our efforts to find effective ways of working together.

  2. Designs should be more intuitive, simple and familiar, as resources are often complex and frustrating to use. Integrating educators into development processes and replicating the user experience of familiar consumer technology products can help achieve these goals.

  3. Many popular product features are often missingespecially those that help to differentiate instruction.

The Tyton Partners report offers more detail on each of these themes, drawn from a rigorous analysis of teachers’ responsibilities; qualitative interviews with more than 50 teachers, administrators, suppliers and other stakeholders; and quantitative surveys of 1,600 K-12 teachers and 700 school and district leaders.

To download the report Improving teaching resources to enhance the teacher experienceClick here.

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1 RAND Work-related stress threatens teacher supply, 2021

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