August 3, 2022

How Online Degrees Help Military Personnel Pursue Second Careers

Online degrees are becoming popular among various classes and types of people in society, thanks to the convenience and flexibility of taking the course without changing work schedules or commitments. It is a very convenient option for military personnel who cannot pursue their education in a traditional campus setting.

The military was the first to adopt all modes of distance education – whether distance, correspondence or online programs. Matriculation or upper secondary education is the basic qualification for a preliminary level military role.

More than degrees, these positions require and assess mental toughness and physical ability. Even for higher grades, the specialist teaching qualification is not required, except for certain technical posts. As a result, the majority of soldiers try to improve their skills through different modes.

Most active distance learning centers are in military headquarters or camps. At any given time, hundreds of learners enroll and take various courses in these centers through distance learning.

The latest avatar of distance education, i.e. e-learning, is also suitable for soldiers who want to obtain in-demand degrees to improve their skills in order to achieve professional breakthroughs inside and outside the military world.

Therefore, pursuing an online degree helps soldiers build a second career after retirement.

Here is how an online degree can benefit military personnel:


During peacetime, military personnel posted to undisturbed areas may have time to devote to learning. Since everyone has a mobile device with an internet connection, these soldiers can study at their own pace and at their own pace.

Unlike distance/correspondence mode, they don’t need to use books to study as all online study materials would be available on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Since there is no attendance requirement and the recorded lessons would be available on the LMS for every learner to review, a jawan need not worry about attendance or missing lessons.

Therefore, even those on duty can take the course and graduate seamlessly.


Army personnel retire at a relatively young age. Some of them might have unfulfilled responsibilities in their lives such as raising and marrying their children, dealing with aging parents and more.

Military veterans are normally reluctant to lead idle lives. However, the main challenge they face is finding a suitable job. Therefore, earning a service degree would be a good investment to start a career after retirement in the future.

Doing a degree in the most sought-after fields will help multiply their career prospects.


Now, online institutions have started offering degree courses in niche skills that are more in demand in the job market. The focus is on training ready-to-use, future-ready professionals who would be relevant in any volatile situation.

Additionally, industry input is incorporated into the development of course content for online degrees, and business leaders and experts offer courses and webinars that aim to fill the skills gap in the industry.

Pursuing these courses helps military personnel gain these in-demand skills and increases the chances of finding career options after retirement.

Online degree programs are very beneficial for military personnel to start new careers after retirement. Organizations are willing to hire ex-military candidates because of their disciplined life and other soft skills.

Acquiring the necessary skills and higher qualifications would give them a competitive edge to gain gainful employment and thrive in their second career.

– Article by Ambrish Sinha, CEO, UNext Learning

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