June 22, 2022

How I Build Relationships with Students Using Audio Instructions

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of educational audio solutions. Along with mask mandates and social distancing, educational audio solutions play a vital role in projecting the voice of educators and ensuring that every student can hear and understand what they are being asked.

Access to intelligible and clear sound has never been more important.

However, as instructional audio solutions have gained traction during the pandemic, instructional audio is about more than projecting the voice of an educator. Educational audio benefits all students – students with learning loss, students at the back of classrooms, non-native English speakers and others.

Here’s how I use instructional audio as a second-grade teacher at Dora L. Small Elementary School in South Portland, Maine.

“Come down!
Strong relationships with students are so important; I sincerely believe that as a teacher, you can’t get anywhere in your studies until you build relationships with your students. In fact, a review of educational research analysis found that strong teacher-student relationships were associated with both short- and long-term improvements. Higher student academic engagement, grades, attendance, fewer disruptive behaviors and suspensions, and lower dropout rates all improve with strong teacher-student relationships.

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