May 12, 2022

Gnowbe allocates $10 million to the Global Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) Scholarship Program

“Many organizations are moving towards microlearning,” says So-Young Kang, Founder and CEO of Gnowbe. According to one of the biggest societal leaders shaping the global, regional and industry agendas, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020, the expected future jobs will have a high demand for soft skills such as creativity, thinking critical, collaboration, life skills, communicate and more. “50% of employees will need reskilling by 2025 as technology adoption increases.” These jobs include roles in the rapidly growing designer economy.

Gnowbe is thrilled to allocate $10 million in scholarships for everyone to become certified in the future in-demand digital skills for creators – Microlearning Instructional Design (MID). Each fellowship will allow someone to gain certification in the principles of instructional design and learn how to apply it in a micro-learning format for blended or asynchronous learning experiences. This new capability will allow everyone to design more engaging and effective multimedia learning experiences for their audience and customers. Each recipient will be encouraged to “pay it forward” by equipping others with microlearning instructional design (MID) skills and techniques.

Scholarships are available until funds are exhausted. To apply, candidates must register their interest here.

What is Microlearning Instructional Design (MID)?

Microlearning instructional design (MID) is the art and science of creating small-scale, social online learning experiences by leveraging storytelling, gamification, and behavioral prompts to drive users through from “passive to active participation”. Applying MID skills enables creators to craft content that leads to higher engagement, application, and impact. When a creator applies these MID principles, they create meaningful shared experiences that can drive personal growth, trust, engagement, and performance. The impact can be tracked and accessed at any time.

Creators gnowbefying (i.e. designing small interactive experiences) range from workshops to PowerPoint presentations to webinars, daily habits, books and workbooks and elevate these shared experiences at the top level.

Jin K. Møller, author of The Simplicity Playbook for Innovators, confirms that his first-hand experience with this social media-based learning platform is engaging. “When I use Gnowbe to create content, I feel like I’m talking to my learners. I love seeing posts and comments from users, and it’s a great way to deepen engagement with my audience. »

Gnowbe is the pioneer and inventor of microlearning instructional design (MID), Gnowbe designed on MID certification based on 20 years of research on adult learning theory, gamification theory and behavior design. The MID Academic Advisory Board includes Professor Dominique Turpin, former Dean and President of IMD, Professor John JH Kim of Harvard Business School and Professor Neo Boon Siong, former Dean of Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University .

“Develop knowledge in being (Gnowbe)”, that’s why!

“People want meaningful engagement with the content that matters most to them,” according to Kang. Gnowbe believes in empowering people to create and express themselves through multimedia learning experiences. that’s why Gnowbe stands for “Grow Knowledge into Being”, which is about encouraging people to be their best by creating and engaging with others. Learning is a shared experience. With over 6 billion people equipped with smartphones, microlearning is a powerful way to increase impact. What’s better than creating mobile creative tools for creators?

Gnowbe technology requires innovative techniques that empower creators

Creators who develop human talent, facilitate training, and nurture their organizational missions can do so easily and with increased user engagement through the interactive authoring tool of Gnowbe. Onboarding, improved leadership skills, and sales training are some of the ways innovators can improve the connections they have with their audience.

In this new generation of online authoring and learning tools, we must develop new skills and mindsets on how to leverage microlearning to make online learning more powerful learning experiences. Today, we expect content to be delivered in palatable ways where we can connect with others. It’s time to develop the next generation of instructional design skills based on adult learning theory that take advantage of multimedia learning encounters on our phones that evoke a strong sense of community.

Gnowbe’s MID offers award-winning high-tech learning via smartphone

Anywhere and anytime! Videos, polls, quizzes and other creative tools can be used on the go or meticulously planned. by Gnowbe The e-learning platform is a one-touch authoring tool that allows creators to create engaging online courses that are social, interactive, and use multimedia. (like “Canva for learning experiences”).

Gnowbe has created more equitable learning opportunities by leveraging instructional design with the capabilities of smartphone technology. It is powered by robust analytics, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and an e-commerce engine to manage learners.

The platform is available to creators around the world with the power to design content in the palm of their hands. This technology is also suitable for desktop use and designed for our fast-paced world. The system includes group boards for shared learning and engagement, deployment of scheduled sessions, rapid curation of access to media options, gamification, offline access and push notifications. It transforms a creator’s content to improve comprehension and information retention into small, personalized learning segments. Creators can empower their audience to immediately apply what they’ve learned. With over 6 billion people equipped with smartphones, microlearning is a powerful way to increase impact. What could be better than creating mobile creative tools for international creators?

“Gnowbe has helped us create an ‘ecosystem’ for our coaching education from the mountains of Nepal to the island of Singapore…we want people to think about us and how our platform has democratized learning in a way that wasn’t possible before,” according to Mark Dunwoody of the Healthy Rhythms Institute.

Gnowbe offers a mobile solution that will increase the ability of content creators to spread their knowledge through quality micro-learning experiences.


So-Young Kang, CEO of Gnowbe, launched Awaken Group, a human-centered transformation design company, in 2010. His team was looking for a way to digitize and scale experiential workshops, coaching and soft skills training. They knew the future would be in the rise of the mobile workforce, a need for lifelong learning, a greater focus on skills as a new currency, and small content anytime, anywhere.

She and her team were looking for a solution that was participatory and allowed people to take ownership of their learning experiences. They wanted to replicate the powerful transformative face-to-face learning experience digitally. Gnowbe was created to empower content creators, thought leaders, and organizational trainers to scale experiential and participatory learning on mobile to build real skills and change mindsets and behaviors. They basically created the new digital trainer. Gnowbe shifts learning from just ‘knowing’ to ‘learning by doing‘ and ‘learn by teaching‘ which is the ultimate in learning design.

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