November 30, 2022

Educational Continuity Plan (ICP) – Lee County Schools

Part 3: Periodic Review and Public Comments


Districts are required to review and, if necessary, revise their safe return to in-person training and service continuity plan at least every six months through September 30, 2023, including soliciting public comments and taking those comments into account in determining whether to revise the plan and, if revisions are deemed necessary, on the revisions it makes to its plan.

In addition, the ARP Act requires that school districts make their plan for safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services publicly available online and that the plans be in an understandable and consistent format; as far as possible, are written in a language that the parents can understand or, if this is not possible, translated orally; and at the request of a parent who is a person with a disability, provided in another format accessible to that parent.

Before making its plan available to the public, school districts must solicit public comments on the plan and develop the plan after considering public comments.


During the US Rescue Plan ESSER Award period (through September 2024), the Lee County School District will periodically review and, if necessary, revise our plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and service continuity. We will seek and consider public input during the review process and update the plan to respond to any updates to CDC, state, and federal guidance.

The plan will be posted on the District’s website at It will be available in multiple languages ​​through the use of our website provider, School Messenger. The link to the final plan will also be sent to our families and employees through our messaging systems and District Advisory Committees.


The Lee County School District has created a comprehensive plan that details the safe return to in-person instruction as well as the processes and procedures necessary to continue all educational operations during times of disruption to learning in nobody. The plan outlines the steps we will take to support our student, teacher, school, and community, while maintaining our mission to ensure that every student achieves their highest personal potential with a focus on their health and his well-being.