September 21, 2022

Determined and dedicated to student success

For more than a decade, the University of Houston-Downtown Northwest provided prospective and current students with access and opportunity to earn and complete a UHD degree.

Located inside Lone Star College-University Park, UHD Northwest is an ideal location option for students who live or work in Northwest Houston. And maintaining a work-life balance is possible – face-to-face, hybrid and online courses are available.

Dedicated to student success, students at the University of Houston-Downtown can expect the same high-quality tuition and a variety of study programs at the Marilyn Davies College of Business, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, and the College of Public Service.

“We’re here to help you succeed,” said Louis Evans, Executive Director, Off-Campus and Online Coordination at UHD Northwest. “Our counseling office is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We welcome current and prospective students by appointment as well as walk-in.”

Thanks to a joint admission partnership, students can be simultaneously admitted and co-enrolled at UHD and Lone Star College. Joint-admission students receive guidance from UHD counselors as community/junior college students as well as a transfer guide for their intended major.

Are you a transfer student? No worries, UHD Northwest has you covered. Last year, over 3,000 transfer students chose UHD as their school of choice. UHD accepts transfer applications from students who have attended or are currently attending other colleges and universities. UHD is one of the few schools that accepts transfer credits regardless of age, and transfer credits never expire!

UHD Northwest students have access to all major UHD amenities for academic success, from the student computer lab and resource rooms to the WI Dykes UHD Library and interlibrary loan, and more.

“The UHD Northwest office has experienced staff to assist prospective students with admissions, academic counseling and registration assistance,” said Maria Estrada, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Coordination at UHD Northwest. . “Once admitted, students continue to receive support from our North West faculty and staff.”

Advance your career or achieve your dream of a college degree. UHD Northwest offers academic counseling appointments to suit your schedule through [email protected] or 713-237-5400. Also a Distance Education Virtual Lobby is available.

UHD Northwest offers degree programs through the Marilyn Davies College of Commerce at the undergraduate level in accounting, finance, management information systems, general business, marketing, and supply chain management. The College’s undergraduate programs are powered by an enterprise-focused approach, providing students with the most in-demand skills and knowledge through programs developed in partnership with industry leaders to ensure our graduates are competitive on the market.

The Criminal Justice Program at Civil Service College provides students with an educational experience in understanding the criminal justice system and its connection to the ideals of fairness and justice with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree designed for students with an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science. The program also provides career preparation through internship opportunities and student organizations, Alpha Phi Sigma and The Professional Society of Criminal Justice, beyond the classroom.

The Civil Service College Department of Urban Education partners with over 17 partner school districts, from Aldine ISD to Houston ISD and CyFair ISD.

“No matter what community you live in in the great city of Houston, you’re not too far from a teacher who was educated here at the University of Houston-Downtown in the College of Public Service,” said Cynae Punch Brown, Director of the Center for Teacher Professional Development.

UHD Northwest Urban Education curricula include EC-6 Core Subjects with Bilingual Supplement (BAE), EC-6 Core Subjects with ESL Supplement (BAE), and Core Subjects 4-8 with ESL Supplement (BAE ).

Learn more about North West UHD.

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