August 3, 2022

CLDE educational facilitator

job description

Pedagogical facilitator in culturally and linguistically diverse education (CLDE)


Receives direct supervision from the Director of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

MAIN TASKS – Here are examples of the main duties assigned to the position. Other related primary duties and responsibilities may be assigned.

  1. Ensures alignment, consistency and continuous improvement in all aspects of programming for emerging bilingual students.

  2. Ensures that emerging bilingual students are progressing adequately in English Language Development (ELD) and academics

  3. Models teaching best practices, designs and delivers professional development that develops educator effectiveness.

  4. Provides constructive feedback and ongoing assistance to new and existing teachers during informal observations and visits.

  5. Works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and other instructional facilitators to identify areas of instruction requiring improvement/intervention; attends team meetings as required and management team meetings.

  6. Develops, coordinates and facilitates new teacher orientation for new CLDE team members, ELD teachers, Spanish Literacy and Language Arts teachers

  7. Helps determine the effectiveness of the district’s curriculum and instructional practices in meeting the needs of emerging bilingual students; assists the director of the CLDE in the initiatives or the adoption of the programs.

  8. Supports the development, implementation and evaluation of common formative language assessments.

  9. Helps teachers and administrators establish results teams and data cycles, analyze data, and use it to inform decisions at the classroom and school level.

  10. Partners with principals to support teachers and hold them accountable for program implementation and student success and growth.

  11. Assists in the coordination and implementation of Colorado Academic Standards.

  12. Assists in the coordination and implementation of school and district goals as defined in annual reviews of culturally and linguistically diverse education programs.

  13. Mentors, coaches and provides professional development for teachers.

  14. Keeps abreast of developments in bilingual education, English language development, translinguistic pedagogy, curriculum, instruction and assessment and provides leadership and training to all staff.

  15. Ensures school adheres to policies and procedures for determining CBDL program eligibility, redesignation, monitoring and exit.

  16. Collaborates with the school’s CLDE teams in making scheduling decisions.

  17. Works with problem-solving teams to help determine root cause and make appropriate placements in CLDE teaching settings and/or literacy interventions for emerging bilingual students.

  18. Helps schools implement the deliberation process and helps teams distinguish student concerns as stemming from a language difference or a learning disability.

  19. Helps support ELD coaches with regular professional development sessions to improve coaching skills, ensure alignment with school and district CLDE goals, and continually improve practices.

  20. Assumes multiple roles: resource provider, data coach, emerging bilingual education specialist, mentor, facilitator, leader and catalyst for change.

  21. Provides responsible personnel assistance to the CLDE Director; performs other assigned duties.


Advanced knowledge of

  • Standards-Based Education

  • Best Practices for Delivering Effective Teaching

  • District and State Assessment

  • Using data to support student success

  • Best practices in teacher coaching and professional development

  • Strategies, process, implementation and facilitation of professional development of educators

  • Concepts, methods and techniques for developing and implementing goals, objectives and programs

  • Effective public speaking and presentation techniques

  • Relevant federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations (SB 191, Read Act, etc.)

  • Effective Classroom Management Practices

  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Modern office procedures and methods

  • Effective Aspects of Teacher Coaching, Mentoring and Evaluation

  • Knowledge of google docs, sheets and forms

  • Business principles and basic letter writing and report preparation

  • Experience and knowledge of CLDE, ELD and bilingual education theories is required.

  • An understanding of the WIDA, WAPTK, WIDA Screener and ACCESS standards framework is required.

  • Demonstrated skills and success in providing the necessary supports for teaching content standards and integrating appropriate language functions into the teaching product and process are required.

  • Previous experience working with adults regarding instruction and assessment is recommended and includes adult development.

  • Bilingualism in English and Spanish is preferred, but not required.

  • Positively and effectively advocates for the needs of emerging bilingual students and their families

  • Committed to continuous learning and improvement.

  • Understands knowledge about change, uses data to make decisions, and maintains a positive and productive culture.

Ability to:

  • Make presentations to all staff and administrators

  • Develop, recommend and implement district programs

  • Analyze data to improve success

  • Visit all educational facilities as required to fulfill job responsibilities

  • Occasional work during the summer months, evenings and weekends

  • Participate in the development and administration of goals, objectives and procedures

  • Prepare clear and concise administrative and statistical reports

  • Operate and use modern office equipment including a computer and various software packages

  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work


  • K-12 teaching experience in CLDE programs: English language development and/or bilingual education programs

  • Masters degree required in a content area associated with the area of ​​responsibility or a related field, (preferred)

  • Coaching experience preferred

  • Project management skills

  • Thorough understanding of federal and state laws affecting programming for emerging bilingual students

License or Certificate:

Possession of a professional teacher’s license from the Colorado Department of Education.
Holds mentions in CLDE ESL or bilingual

Administrator license preferred, but not required.

Pay Scale

$81,408 to $94,476

**Based on education and years of experience

** The annual salary indicated above is based on an 8-hour day (FTE 1) and a schedule of full days worked. Any position that is less than a full FTE/8 hours per day or a late start will be pro-rated accordingly.

How to register

Offices: Colorado. Job Categories: Contract. Types of employment: teaching support. Job Tags: CLDE. Salaries: 80,000 – 100,000.

Job expires in 29 days.