May 12, 2022

BetterLesson releases nearly 50 instructional strategies to help teachers meet the needs of all learners

“Our master teachers show us that educators are eager to improve their craft and share their best practices – at any stage of their career,” said Valerie Librizzi, senior educational content manager at BetterLesson.

On this National Teacher Appreciation Day, BetterLesson and The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation celebrate the tremendous work that teachers do every day to meet the needs of all their students and to continually progress in their practice. They announce the publication closely 50 strategies, tools and resources created by experienced educators to differentiate instruction based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines. This approach supports the diverse learning needs of all students, especially students with disabilities and English language learners.

As part of its “Master Teacher Project” model, BetterLesson selected 12 teachers based in Kansas City and surrounding areas who had proven experience working with diverse learning needs. These educators participated in professional learning communities, received regular coaching, and each created several solid instructional strategies containing real-life examples, videos, and applications to distance and blended learning.

“Our master teachers show us that educators are eager to improve their craft and share their best practices – at any stage of their career,” said Valerie Librizzi, senior educational content manager at BetterLesson. “With the support of the Kauffman Foundation, we are able to make these solid resources available so that all teachers can deepen their practice and create inclusive and responsive classrooms where all students can thrive.”

The Strategies in the “Meeting the Needs of All Learners” project are designed for K-12 educators and cover a variety of topics, from content-specific strategy ideas (math, literacy, scienceand more), to Evaluation, class culture, build relationshipsand family engagement. (To explore all strategies hereand watch a video on some strategies here)

Educators in this Master Teacher Project come from eight school systems, including: Kansas City Public Schools (Missouri), Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, Shawnee Mission School District, Hickman Mills C-1 School District, Brookside Charter Schools, DeLaSalle Education Center, Kansas City International Academyand Crossroads Charter Schools.

Three of these teachers explained why this initiative was different and important:

Cara Kearney, Shawnee Mission School District, Shawnee Mission, KS: “The leadership that I have seen molded and the leadership strategies that I have learned through this process will really benefit me in the future in how I want to help other teachers improve and be the best they can be.

AJ Culey, Shawnee Mission School District, Shawnee Mission, KS: “One of the big things about this project was having a mentor coach who met with us every two weeks to discuss next steps; someone who I could share my ideas, talk about the strategies as they were developed.

Julian Johnston-Marshall, DeLaSalle Education Center, Kansas City, MO: “The strategy I created, Chop and Sample, is one I use frequently in class. It really helps students and teachers learn and grow together, dive deep into text, and have truly meaningful conversations. »

BetterLesson and the Kauffman Foundation honor all school districts that value teachers by building their expertise and providing professional development and resources throughout their careers.

To see the strategies and learn more about the MNAL Master Teacher Project, visit

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