June 22, 2022

Association Adopts Resolutions on Teachers’ and Masters’ Issues – Jammu and Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 19: The Jammu-Kashmir Teachers/Teachers Association passed several resolutions by two-thirds majority and planned a future strategy to resolve various burning issues of teachers/teachers by the concerned authorities.
Speaking to the media after the meeting at which the resolutions were passed, Association President Rakesh Singh urged the Principal Secretary to empower directors of education to make the transfers. teachers in accordance with the department’s transfer policy. “The transfer of teachers at the secretariat level is not possible given the large number of teachers and the different topographies of different districts,” he said and also demanded to set a separate quota of teachers. recruited by the SSRB in the promotion of masters because their method of recruitment is totally different. .
Rakesh Singh urged the government to introduce biotechnology in at least 5 senior secondary schools in each district for the benefit of students. “Biotechnology, which is the fastest emerging stream because of its future prospects in the global market, is totally ignored by the committees which have been charged with introducing new subjects in upper secondary schools and for this reason , thousands of students who want to opt for biotechnology in SHS are deprived, which is contrary to the spirit of the new education policy,” he said.
The head of the Association has endorsed the government’s decision to restrict CPD of those who have acquired PG degrees in science through distance learning. Mr Singh called for excluding all these candidates from the seniority list on a permanent basis and even not giving them a chance also on the basis of a certificate of good faith which they can easily obtain from these universities by hook and crook.
Singh also urged the SPD Samagra Shiksha to provide Rs 6,000 per camp to provide refreshments for public school students attending summer camps as this will also increase student enrollment in these camps.

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