September 21, 2022

15 years of flexible study support through NZTC Online

CEO Selena Fox and Dr. Chip Donohue

Beginning with a bold vision to open up new ways to learn, followed by years of research, development and review, NZTC Online was first piloted in 2007 resulting in highly successful student engagement .

The specialized online learning environment was created to help students follow an accessible and flexible study path. Under the guidance of Managing Director Selena Fox and international expert Dr Chip Donohue, NZTC Online has been developed with the dedication of the NZTC IT team, often working 18 hour days to complete the task at hand.

Donohue, a US-based distance learning and online education specialist, shares the valuable role the bespoke platform offers learners.

“NZTC Online is more than a learning management system. It is an online environment specifically designed for the early childhood, health and welfare sectors that expands access, provides a wide range of learner support and enables students to apply what that they learn in their work with young children, parents, families. and communities,” he said.

After its launch in 2007, by 2012 85% of students were studying through NZTC Online, enabling the college to expand course delivery to students in Australia, India, Malaysia and the UK.

Today, the user-friendly platform offers discussion forums, reflection tools, journals, an online library, as well as assessment submission and feedback, accessible anywhere and anytime in the programs of early childhood education and health and well-being studies.

After 24 years at the college, Executive Director Selena Fox reflects on the significant impact this initiative has had on all aspects of college life.

“NZTC Online has impacted every student, every team member and every decision we have made since our development and launch in 2007. Even after all these years it remains an incredible achievement from a New Zealand college that goes back to bold dreams and the incredible, unwavering commitment of team members who believed we could do it.